Friday, February 5, 2010

Belly Punching Is It Normal To Feel Pain In The Ovaries After A Belly Punch??

Is it normal to feel pain in the ovaries after a belly punch?? - belly punching

During the training, the French boxing, in the "sparring partner" in section I suffered a few blows to the abdomen. After the coup, I feel pain in the belly of all, sometimes when the punch land just below my navel, I feel a little pain in the ovaries, normal? Thank you!


suziejoy said...

Sounds like a normal reaction to obtain a coup, a pain that made her stomach

intestinal mucous said...

Id say its normal. especialy if you hit hard, and you are on the thin side

Joanna said...

I'm curious, as you know, it's really the ovaries, where the pain is.
Could it be that the muscles are beaten

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